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COURSE OPEN 18 holes in play. 2 winter greens on holes 2 and 7. Trolleys and buggies are allowed but please take care around wet areas. All golfers follow white lines and ropes at all times.

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  • Course Report - Autumn 2016

    Once again the weather has had a major influence on the condition of the course during the summer. The early cold Spring meant the greens struggled to reach early season expectations. After it warmed up we were hampered by continued heavy downpours which often flooded the greens and other areas of the course.

    The course has received lots of excellent feedback on its condition and presentation throughout the summer. The grass coverage on fairways and approaches has been well maintained, with the wet weather meaning no areas have burnt up and died back.

    The greens have improved after the investment in the thatchaway and sarrel roller units. This has allowed for the continued reduction of the broad leaved flat lying grass on the surface. Along with regular light topdressing, we have continued to maintain green speeds between 9 and 10 on the stimpmeter on a daily basis, rising to over 11 at times for certain competitions.

    One of the major changes to the course last year was the planting of around 700 trees. After being told we could lose up to 25% of these in the first year, it is pleasing to see that many of them have almost doubled in height and only 30 have had to be removed. They have certainly benefitted from the wet Spring weather, with most of the dead trees being found in areas that continued to sit wet well into summer. Unfortunately, some trees have been damaged by stray golf balls and we do remind golfers to follow the local rules displayed regarding playing near these new trees. Some of the closer planted areas will be thinned out to help the trees avoid out competing each other and moved to other areas of the course. Most will also be re-staked with larger more substantial stakes.

    We have recently purchased a machine that will allow us to fluff up the sand in the bunkers on a regular basis. The majority of the bunkers have plenty of sand in them, the problem is when they dry out, a hard crust forms on the surface which is difficult to break up. Regular use of this machine will help to alleviate this.

    The sand in several bunkers will be replaced during the winter. The sand that is removed will be used to top up other bunkers on the course.

    The conifer hedge behind the 7th and 17th greens is going to be lowered by around 50% during January. This will allow more light to reach the two greens in that area. Other tree work on the course will include tidying the hedge around the 15th green and 16th tees.

    Drainage work on the 1st, 9th, 16th, 17th and 18th holes will also be carried out during November. The ditch down the side of the 18th hole will be opened up and cleared out, along with the ditches around the 1st, 2nd and 8th holes.

    Finally, you may have noticed a few additions to the greenkeeping staff during the summer. Paul Barker, Dave Holden and Rob Hornsey have all been helping us out at different times of the week. Their help has been invaluable with day to day course maintenance operations and has also enabled us to tidy up several neglected areas around the course. They are all going to continue to help during the winter. Many thanks to all three of them for their hard work.