Dress Code


The items of clothing listed below are NOT permitted to be worn at any time either on the course or in the clubhouse:

Trainers, tracksuits, shell suits, brief shorts, brief skirts, football shorts and beach wear.

Blue denim jeans (not work wear) are allowed in the clubhouse only.


Smart shorts may be worn (excluding football shorts and beach wear) with sports socks of any colour.

Shirts must have collars and must NOT be worn outside trousers, skirts or shorts unless specifically designed to be worn outside. However, shirts without collars, specifically designed for golf are permitted.

Trousers must NOT be tucked into socks.

Caps, especially baseball-type headgear must be worn correctly and not peak backwards, or otherwise.

Blue denim jeans are not allowed on the course and proper golf footwear must be worn on the course and on the practice putting green adjacent to the clubhouse.

Headgear, including caps and visors, are NOT to be worn in the Spike Bar.


Smart shorts may be worn and proper footwear must be worn at all times. Shirts may be worn outside trousers, skirts or shorts if they are specifically designed to be worn outside.

Golf waterproofs and headgear must NOT be worn.


Smart casual dress may be worn.
Shorts may NOT be worn at any time.

This dress code may be relaxed at the discretion of a Director or the Captains.

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