Course report December 2018

The greens have continued to be in very good condition, coming out of a really tough summer with excellent grass coverage. The summer aeration work went well, with recovery and grass seed germination and establishment happening very quickly, once again justifying doing it at this time of year.
Our Autumn renovation works are completed, with three different depths and types of tines going over the greens in the last few weeks. Solid tining with half inch tines to 4” depth, verti-draining to heave and crack the soil with half inch tines at 9” depth, and the Air2G2 machine which injects air into the ground at high pressure, fissuring the soil at a depth of around 10”. This is all aimed at improving soil structure to help aid winter drainage and future root development.
Going forward from this, routine aeration of the surface will be carried out using sarrell rollers and slitters, along with a penetrant wetting agent, all designed to move water away from the surface.

Digger work
The ditch across the 1st and 9th holes was cleared out to remove the silt built up in the bottom of it. This will help to increase the water capacity and flow during wet periods.
The ditch near the 15th green and in front of the 16th tee was also cleared out. This has helped to clear around the pipes that flow into and out of this ditch, which helps drain the 10th fairway and other areas. This should help to prevent the situation that arose last year where these pipes got blocked up and caused the ditch to overflow. Also, greenstaff were able to crawl through the culvert tube to remove a depth of about 8 inches of silt that had built up in there.
Whilst in that area we re-laid the path over the ditch and then decided to continue this up the slope next to the tee. This will make walking down the slope safer, as well as removing a traditionally bare area from next to the tee.
Further work was also carried out on the 16th pond. Following work in the summer to remove the majority of the reeds and weed, we discovered a ledge on one side of it and a build up of spoil on the other side which had covered up the overflow pipe from it. These two areas were cleared out and the pipe was found. This pond is still predominantly dry, which is purely down to the dry weather we have had. The pond will gradually fill with water as the winter progresses.
The final work has been to re-model the area between the 3rd and 6th holes. Affectionately known as “Tellytubby land”, this area was extremely undulating which gave difficult lies as well as being difficult to maintain. The area is still undulating, however just less severe. This area will be turfed and have an area of gorse planted on it. The conifer tree nearby is also going to be removed. This tree has no value to the way this short par 4 is played, does not protect the 3rd green, blocks the view of balls possibly going into the ditch on the 3rd. It has little or no aesthetic value and its root system will dry out any gorse and turf planted in this area and will eventually start to affect the green.

• All the long rough has been cut down and collected. This is the first time for many years that it has been done properly. We are slowly removing the piles of grass off the course.
• Tees and approaches were hollow cored. The tees were all seeded and topdressed and germination and recovery has been good on the tees especially.
• Fairway verti-draining has begun. Again, this was not carried out last year due to problems with the machine. This work will continue for as long as ground conditions allow.
• Grass cutting has continued, although at a much lesser rate due to the continuing dry weather. Heights of cut have been raised all across the course to again help recovery from the summer.
• All failed gorse plants have been replaced. New gorse plantings have been created around the 15th green.

Continuing Winter Work
• Completion of mound re-modelling on 3rd and 6th.
• Further gorse planting on 15th tee mound. Bulbs to be planted in shrub areas as well as on this tee bank.
• Conifer tree removal around 2nd, 9th, 17th tees with creation of shrub beds.
• Continued tree work removing low branches around the course.
• Levelling of hollow cores behind 14th green. Covering with woodchip and planting with gorse and bulbs.
• Further pathway work, including improvements around bottom greenkeepers shed to stop machinery being damaged by uneven roadway.
• Drainage improvement works.
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COURSE OPEN. 16 holes, 4 & 5 closed. 10 temp greens. Trolleys and buggies are allowed to be used with care. ALL GOLFERS please follow white lines and ropes at all times and DO NOT walk across any greens that are out of play. Bunkers in play unless marked by a sign. Please take care when walking as the ground is slippery, especially on slopes.
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