Senior Men’s Charity day 2019

Unclaimed raffle prizes

Green 20 Bottle of Sobo
Green 81 Famous Grouse Whiskey
Green 101 Bottle Vodka
Green 111 Bottle Glen Livet Whiskey
Green 145 Lesson with Darryl
Green 241 Bottle of Asti
Green 431 Golfing Umbrella
Yellow 41 Tin of Biscuits
Yellow 136 Cans Old Speckle Hen
Yellow 186 Bottle Red Wine
Yellow 191 Bottle Haphroaig Whiskey
Yellow 215 Bottle Navy Rum
Yellow 246 Golf Prize
Yellow 386 Golf Set Claimed Iain Sutherland
Yellow 421 Box of Chocolates
Pink 66 Box of Chocolates
Pink 231 Bottle of Malbec
Pink 260 Bottle of Bacardi
Blue 115 Bottle White Wine
Blue 185 Bottle Red Wine
Blue 256 Bottle of Gin
White 186 Bottle of Prosecco
White 351 Bottle of Champagne

* Any person having a valid raffle ticket please inform a member of Senior Committee to claim your prize.

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08.12.2019 08:40
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COURSE OPEN. 16 holes, 4 & 5 closed. 10 temp greens. Trolleys and buggies are allowed to be used with care. ALL GOLFERS please follow white lines and ropes at all times and DO NOT walk across any greens that are out of play. Bunkers in play unless marked by a sign. Please take care when walking as the ground is slippery, especially on slopes.
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