The Benefits of Playing Golf

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Golf is one of the most social sport ever invented! Read on to find out more.

There is no better sport for bringing people together. With its combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction, golf is the perfect tonic for good health and happiness. Here’s how…

Golf Keeps You Active
Golf can help you keep active, burn calories, stay in shape, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and research shows it may even help you live longer.
Playing with friends can help you unwind and relax. Experiencing exercise outdoor in a green space can help reduce your stress levels, enhance your mood and even improve your self-esteem.

Golf Connects You with Others
With plenty of time for conversation and fun, golf is the perfect way to make new friends or grow closer bonds with people you already know.

Dispelling the Myths

Have you ever heard the phrases such as:

“It takes all day to play golf and I haven’t got the time”
“Golf is stuffy”
“Golf is just a man’s game“
"Golf is expensive”

Well, read on and and you'll discover things have changed and if you give the game of golf a try, you might be surprised by what you find. If you don’t try it, how do you know?

Here’s the response to some of the myths mentioned above...

"Golf takes all day to play"
Golf can take no longer than any other hobby or pastime, there are quicker ways to play the game that fit in with busy lifestyles in which two hours is now the span for most leisure activities such as going to the cinema, dinning out, playing tennis, bowling or going to the gym.

The average round of 18 holes of golf takes four hours. However, you can play just 9 holes which takes half the time fitting conveniently into a busy schedule or ideal for after work. 9-hole rounds are compatible with the Rules of Golf and the handicap system.

Don't let time constraints put you off playing golf, nine holes is fine as less really does mean more…

Golf is a stuffy game
Golf is changing – many people still think it’s stuck in the Victorian era when men had to wear a jacket and tie and ladies could only play on selected days and times with limited access to the club. This is not what you’ll find at Cleethorpes Golf Club. It is vibrant and welcoming with a range of memberships to suit all lifestyles.

"Golf is a game for men"
Golf is a game for all. Unlike any other sport, golf’s unique handicap system allows people of different abilities to play and compete together.

With plenty of time for conversation on the course and a great social life in the clubhouse after, it's a great game for women and men alike and it offers a winning combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction that make it the perfect tonic for health and happiness.

"Golf is an expensive game"
Golf does not need to be expensive and like any other sport you can spend as little or as much as you like. There are playing options, equipment and clothing to suit every budget at Cleethorpes Golf Club - see our professionals in the Pro Shop to find out more.

6 month academy memberships incorporate lessons on technique as well as advice out on the course along with an opportunity to play on the golf course in the time you have. Flexible membership is also available. This is where you buy points and cash them in every time your play. The value of the points varies on the time of day or of the week.

"Golf won’t keep you fit"
Golf can help keep you active, burn calories, stay in shape, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and research shows it may even help you live longer. You can walk around 4-5 miles in the average game of golf, burn at least 900 calories and will take you more than 10,000 steps: you will easily achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week recommended by the NHS to keep healthy.

"You need to be a member of a golf club"
It is not essential to be a member of a golf club if you want to learn to play. The 'Get into Golf' program is making the game of golf more accessible to beginners through beginner courses that allow you to book and turn up on the day.

Here at Cleethorpes Golf Club we offer the full range of packages including free tasters for those wishing to have a go for the first time along with coaching courses, short term trial memberships, green fees and green fee discounted booklets, along with a full range of membership options tailored to suit different lifestyles.

I'm new to the game how do I start?
Ladies or gentleman new to the game, are thinking you might like to play golf and give it a try? Read on and find out what is available for you at Cleethorpes Golf Club?

We can offer you any one or a combination of the following:

* FREE taster introductory sessions either individually or as part of a group.
* Beginner courses to learn the basics from a PGA professional.
* Start playing: get out on to the course even for just a few holes.
* Improver courses: build on the skills you have learned in the beginner course to help you improve and enjoy the game.
* Join as a 6 month academy member which includes individual lessons, lessons on the course and advice regarding rules and etiquette.
* Become a playing member where you will meet more golfers and become part of a group of like-minded people. Not only will you play more golf but you will make friends for life. You will also have the opportunity to get a handicap and you can then start playing in club competitions.
* If your time to play is limited we have flexible and twilight membership which may suit your needs.
* If desired you can become an active member and join in with your golf section, playing in weekly social events and competitions.

If you would like more information, please telephone 01472 816 110 (option 3) email or fill out the contact form below.



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